Activist groups struggle to recruit Millennials

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, you name it–Gail Shafton has tried it all. But none seem to work when it comes to recruiting young adults.

“In general, younger people do not affiliate with quote-on-quote organizations,” said Shafton, a member of the Kansas Group Executive Committee of the Sierra Club, an environmental activist organization. “They also absolutely, adamantly avoid the word ‘environmentalist’ or anything that’s got the word ‘environmental’ in it.”

Information from the Pew Research Center.
Infopgraphic by Callie Byrnes. Information from the Pew Research Internet Project.

The lack of interest in activist causes by younger adults is a widespread problem. As activist groups have attempted to recruit younger people into their organizations, it has become apparent that Millennials are part of a new generation of citizens that do not engage civically the same way that generations from the past have, according to a report by the Pew Research Institution. Activist organizations have taken the backseat for Generation Y.

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