This Open Letter To Chance The Rapper Is Proof That Celebrities Can Make A Difference

Remember when Chance the Rapper solidified his spot as the most perfect human being in the universe by donating $1 million to the Chicago school system? The good deed definitely didn’t go overlooked. Three Hispanic 10th graders from the Chicago Public School wrote an open letter to the rapper thanking him for the donation.

The letter, written by Alex Rojas, Alondra Cerros and Annelisse Betancourt, begins like this:

First and foremost, we as Chicago Public School students would like to thank you for the supportive donation to our schools As we all know, CPS has been struggling financially, and your donation has really given us a push to get to where we need to be and possibly motivate others to give back to the community as well.

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There’s A Twitter Hashtag Making Fun of Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Microwave’ Comments And Holy Shit It’s All Hilarious

Remember when Kellyanne Conway said Obama might’ve been spying on Trump through his microwave? Yeah, that was a weird thing that happened. Why did that happen again?

While I still can’t make sense of her thought process, I may never have to. Because luckily for us, the internet has blessed us with plenty of microwave-themed memes so that we can just laugh away the pain of knowing this woman is helping run our country.

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Casey Anthony Speaks Out For The First Time After Being Accused Of Murdering Her Daughter

Many of us hear the name Casey Anthony and cringe — nine years after she was accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, most of us haven’t forgotten about the long trial and extensive media cover. Anthony has become a household name, a pop culture reference and just another mystery we love to speculate.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget she’s still a person, too, and that even though her case was acquitted, she’s still living out there in the shadow of it all.

But recently, Anthony has broken her post-trial silence, and she still insists that she has no idea how the last hours of her daughter Caylee’s life played out. However, she still speculates how life would be if her daughter were still alive.

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Chance The Rapper Just Donated $1 Million To Chicago’s School System

If you ever wondered if Chance the Rapper could be more perfect than he already was, you have your answer here: yes, he could be, and he is. Chance decided to take his frustrations with the Chicago Public Schools into his own hands — by donating $1 million.

Chance made the announcement at Westcott Elementary School on the south side of Chicago, only two blocks away from where he grew up. He wanted to talk to students and staff about what schools and students need to succeed.

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Here’s How The Oscars Took A Huge Step Toward Diversity This Year

In perhaps the most shocking Oscars moment in the award show’s history, Moonlight was renamed “Best Picture” after the title was mistakenly given to another Academy Award frontrunner (sorry, La La Land).

There was confusion. There were jokes. There was a lot of people trying to figure out what exactly had gone wrong and who we ought to blame. As the world dissected La La Land‘s cast and crew reactions, no one seemed to realize the biggest shame of all: a movie about Black manhood (and with an all-Black cast at that) had just taken the biggest prize of the night, but no one really cared anymore.

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Here’s Where All Your Favorite Characters From ‘The O.C.’ Are In 2017

It’s officially been 10 years since The O.C.’s emotional finale aired on the small screen, which makes you wonder where all that time went so quickly. It seems like just the other day we were chilling in Newport Beach with the fab four. But now they’ve all moved on with their lives (as have we, kind of), so we decided to speculate what our favorite characters are doing now, 10 years later.

1. Ryan Atwood

Oh, my sweet, puppy dog-eyed Ryan. The once-inmate is now a UC Berkeley grad and architect, though his life is predictably as dramatic as it was 10 years ago. For someone so passive and quiet, he sure does know how to make the worst life decisions!

Ryan reconnected with Taylor at Seth and Summer’s wedding, though their passionate fling quickly fizzled out after he ran into Kaitlin Cooper while visiting the Cohen’s for a Christmas party. Kaitlin spent the evening seducing him, per the Coopers’ tendency to keep it in the family, and Ryan took the bait. Some call it “delayed grief,” Ryan calls it “chemistry.” He broke things off with Taylor, who threatened to burn down his house, and proposed to Kaitlin less than a year later.

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