Callie Byrnes

I am a career woman in practice and a storyteller at heart, mixing pragmatism and creativity into all areas of my life. I believe anything can be interesting if you write about it in a compelling way.

My recent studies at the University of Kansas says it all: I am a graduate in journalism and Italian with minors in psychology and global and international studies, concentrating on comparative systems in the Middle East. I am a lover of languages, people and places, and having a thorough knowledge in these areas strengthens me as a writer. As a journalist, I believe it’s important to be well-rounded and informed to avoid making simple mistakes in reporting.

In the past, I have worked as the web managing editor of an Italian fashion company, a freelance writer at a bilingual news magazine in Florence, Italy and a digital media intern at the largest agribusiness media company in the country. I have also worked with a variety of media at my university, where I was the Editor-in-Chief of an online women’s magazine, the copy editor of a paper and a features writer of a street style magazine, among other various multimedia roles (see my full resume on LinkedIn).

While I have worked with many mediums, my specialties are reporting, blog writing and copy editing. I hope to use my experiences to someday work in diverse areas of journalism, including magazines and digital media.

In my free time I pretend to be a coffee connoisseur and write for my personal blog.


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