This Woman Says She Was Banned From Her College Campus Because She Made Her Alleged Rapist ‘Uncomfortable’

What do you do when the system you turn to for support fails you? Or worse: what do you do when it actively works against you?

Anna Marie Rose Failla was a senior at Carnegie Mellon University when she was allegedly raped by one of her peers. She reported the incident to the university a few months later and asked them for a No Contact Agreement with her accused rapist, a document that would ensure that the two would not contact each other in any way. The university refused to comply and failed to inform Failla of any campus resources that could have helped her.

However, this all changed when Failla, now 23, returned as an alumna to an event called Carnival. She traveled 5 hours back to her university to see friends and attend theatre performances by a troupe she was once a part of. But prior to the event, Failla was contacted by CMU’s Title IX coordinator. Apparently her alleged aggressor had reached out to the Title IX office because he heard Failla would be attending the event, and now he was requesting a No Contact Agreement from her.

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This Uber Driver Didn’t Realize Her BF Was Cheating On Her Till She Drove His Side Chick To His Apartment

It’s one thing to find out your significant other is cheating by looking through their phone or social media; it’s another thing entirely to find out by dropping off their side piece at their apartment.

But that’s what happened to Twitter-user Msixelaa, an Uber driver who had a rude awakening when she drove a woman to a “dick appointment,” only to realize she was taking the woman to her own boyfriend’s house.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 4.25.13 PM

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Tinder Has An ‘Elite’ Version For Only The Hottest Users And Maybe You’ll Be One Of The Lucky Ones Invited

Great news, guys: Tinder found a new way to make you feel worse about yourself than ever before. Didn’t think it was possible? Well, you’re just underestimating them now.

Tinder Select is a members-only service of the app, meant for the “elite” of the Tinder world. You know, like actors, models, CEOs and, according to TechCrunch, “people who do really well on Tinder.” Basically, it’s a dating pool of incredibly hot and probably incredibly rich people. There goes my shot at romance.

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This Chef’s Maternity Photos Are Hilariously Relatable For Anyone Who’s Ever Had Cravings

I don’t know when it started, but somewhere along the line pregnancy photos became the new cool thing. Now even stars like Beyoncé are jumping onto the bandwagon, reminding us that no matter how long we spend scrolling through Pinterest to find the perfect idea, it will never be good enough.

But chef Eden Grinshpan may have found the perfect maternity concept that is both affordable and also conveniently everything I’ve ever wanted in life: she poses gracefully for photos while stuffing her face with food.

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These Teens Plotted To Rob And Murder A Classmate Because They Were ‘Tired’ Of Her Snapchat Messages

Two Utah teens plotted to kill a 14-year-old girl because one “got tired” of the girl sending him Snapchat messages — and they almost got away with it, too.

The boys plotted to murder Deserae Turner after one had joked about being annoyed with her and wanting to kill her. His friend, however, supposedly replied, “It would be pretty easy to get rid of her.”

The two boys allegedly told Turner they were selling her a knife to lure her into a dry canal bed. When she turned to leave and walk back home, the boy she had been messaging shot her in the back of the head with a .22-caliber revolver he brought with him.

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Liam Payne Reveals Exactly What Happened When Donald Trump Kicked One Direction Out Of His Hotel

Trump has done a lot of shitty things in his life — do I even have to remind you of any of them at this point? — and now you can add kicking One Direction out of his hotel to the list.

Some may say that this was actually an act of heroism (OK 1D haters, step off), but not so fast. His vendetta against the boy band has nothing to do with their music. Instead, it’s because they refused to meet his daughter.

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This Open Letter To Chance The Rapper Is Proof That Celebrities Can Make A Difference

Remember when Chance the Rapper solidified his spot as the most perfect human being in the universe by donating $1 million to the Chicago school system? The good deed definitely didn’t go overlooked. Three Hispanic 10th graders from the Chicago Public School wrote an open letter to the rapper thanking him for the donation.

The letter, written by Alex Rojas, Alondra Cerros and Annelisse Betancourt, begins like this:

First and foremost, we as Chicago Public School students would like to thank you for the supportive donation to our schools As we all know, CPS has been struggling financially, and your donation has really given us a push to get to where we need to be and possibly motivate others to give back to the community as well.

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